Using 2-input (Ach and Bch) operation function
Input the sensor detection signal into AcH and BcH of AMH-148 and inspect the lead cut length using the operation function (A -B). The operation result is compared and decided at a high-speed sampling rate of 1000 times/second. Furthermore, it is possible to find the maximum and minimum of the calculated value using the peak-hold and valley-hold functions.

Memorizing several pass/fail decision ranges using the pattern selection function.
The pattern selection function can memorize 8 kinds of upper upper-limit, upper-limit, lower-limit, and lower lower-limit set values and hysteresis values, as well as 8 kinds of scaling values. The tolerance range can be instantly switched with the front switch This is very useful for flexible lines that contain multiple materials.

Power supply for sensors incorporated (Built in excitation) Models WPM-1, AM-147 and AM-215A have an internal 12 VDC and 24 VDC power supply for external equipment. This power supply is useful when connecting a sensor with an internal amplifier. Using a direct setting function allows easy input of setting of decision values HH, HI, LO, and LL using the actual measured sensor detection data.

Deciding the clearance of piston ring at high speed The sequential A/D conversion method enables decisions at a rate of 4000 times/second. This is very useful for environments with a short inspection process time.

Connect to CT, PT, DC Voltage divider, shunt resistor
For example, digital panel meter A6000 for AC measurement has standardized range for CT connection. This meter inputs 5A on secondry side of CT to enable scaling of any current value on the primary side.

The dustproof and waterproof structure allows washing from the front panel Models WPM-1, ATC-217 conform to the IP66 standard. These models are best suitable for temperature, pressure, and weight measurements made in the HACCP process control.

The A6000 series digital panel meter supplies power to load cells, subtracts tare weight and also has a built-in output circuit, therby enabling the measurement of weight at low-cost. The A6000 together with load cells helps you make an appropriate mixed liquid by measuring the weight of each of two different chemicals.

Using 2-input (Ach and Bch) operation function
The analog signals from the laser displacement sensors installed at two locations of a printed circuit board are input to AcH and BcH of AMH-148 and A – B is calculated to detect product defects

It is suitable for the detection of the waveform at a pressure inflection point.

The rolling process is controlled by revs of the rolling roller and up/down travel distance When a rotary encoder is connected to the roller shaft, the shaft revs is displayed and an alarm is output by AC-911 Furthermore, visual warning is enabled with the distance display, alarm output, and changing display colors by inputting the eddy current sensor output to WPM-1.

Detects cable disconnection of sensor by self-diagnosis function.

The peak valley hold a laser displacement or eddy current sensor is used to measure irregularity of round shaped bodies or bending of shafts.

Analog data on the digital panel is managed through the LAN

Gear revs is displayed by the gear sensor and AC series
Gear B revs can be found from gear A revs using the prescaling function.

Installation in a DIN size of 96 mm (W) x 48 mm (H), 72 mm (W) x 36 mm (H), or 48mm (W) x 24 mm (H)
A lineup of items is provided so that a size that matches the installation space can be selected according to the purpose

Inspecting whether grease is applied
WPM-1 has a power supply 24VDC(50mA) or 12VDC(100mA) for sensors, a scaling function, and an analog comparator, enabling low-cost inspection system.

1) Convert RTD signal to 4-20mA by RTD converter WSPF-RTS-F11A-DX.
2) Input 2ch, Display Ach & Bch value in 1 display.
3) WPMZ-1 can Calculate difference of 2ch input (Ach – Bch).
If calculation result is below or over setpoints (4 setpoints setting available) when one of RTD broken etc., then Relay signal will output to detect.

Example of Calculation method
(B-A)+C) x K = Thickness value
*C & K can set value by setting.
If you want to display zero at 3mm for example,
set -3 as C by setting.
Then calculation result will be difference from reference.

Rotation and Speed measurement of conveyor by WPMZ-5

Rotation and Speed measurement of Tire by WPMZ-5

Connection of MODBUS TCT master and MODBUS RTU slaves (WPMZ-6)

Stabilize the mixing process by monitoring the difference of flow rate between two different liquid


1) Using IoT gateway together with RS-485 (Modbus RTU) devices, able to monitor sensor signals, demand / power, air conditioning control at remote locations.
2) Power measuring Modbus I/O Module WMB-DI16 can input 16ch pulse from power meter’s pulse output.
3) Air conditioning control Modbus I/O Module WMB-DIO8R can output x8ch relay.
4) Sensor signal monitoring LCD Graphical panel meter WPMZ has 1/2 ch input with RS-485 Modbus RTU.


1) Measured data by WMB & WPMZ, and convert RS-485 Modbus RTU to Ethernet Modbus TCP by Modbus TCP/RTU converter. Then you can monitor data at PC on Ethernet.
2) Our WMB & WPMZ are Modbus RTU slave units.
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