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Industrial Remote Communication

Industrial Remote Access – a factor for success

Remote access to distant plants, distant machines, and mobile applications from anywhere in the world is becoming more and more important. This is a key competitive advantage, both in industry and in industry-related areas. The portfolio for Industrial Remote Communication from Siemens offers products, systems and solutions for telecontrol, teleservice and their communication networks (Remote Networks). This enables secured and economical remote access to distributed plants in manufacturing automation, the process industry or in public infrastructures – regardless of the scale.


Telecontrol is the monitoring and control of distant process stations via one or more central control systems. The data connection to the stations is permanent, or
established cyclically or on an event-driven basis.

Teleservice (remote maintenance/diagnostics)

Teleservice is data exchange between physically remote technical systems (machines, computers, etc.) and the control center. The purpose is error detection, diagnostics, maintenance, repair or optimization of the plant. The connection is usually only established when needed.

Communication via Remote Networks

For telecontrol and teleservice applications, communication is essential. Our portfolio for Remote Networks includes network components for wired and wireless
communication. Security is a must for remote access. That is why our communication components provide comprehensive security measures such as firewall and VPN.


Efficient telecontrol solutions

Industrial process plants often extend over large areas – even sometimes crossing national borders. For reliable monitoring, operators require secured and cost-effective access to their remote plants. Siemens offers tailor-made
and efficient telecontrol solutions for a wide variety of applications. The telecontrol portfolio includes solutions for the control center as well as for remote t erminal units (RTUs). Our products are based on SIMATIC, the world’s
leading automation system. They are therefore a part of Totally Integrated Automation (TIA), our open system architecture for plant-wide, uniform automation. With the comprehensive product, service and support offering from
Siemens, security requirements for critical infrastructures in accordance with IEC 62443 can be fulfilled.

Solutions for the control center

Different solutions are available for the control center, depending on the scale and requirements of the applications.

The transmission protocol TeleControl Basic is designed for simple control tasks. It supports a very large number of outstations and is used for transmitting small amounts of data via mobile wireless and the Internet.

For extensive applications with sophisticated control tasks, telecontrol solutions based on SINAUT ST7, IEC 60870-5-101/104 or DNP3 telecontrol protocols are
recommended. These systems support numerous network topologies and communication media and are therefore suitable for trans mitting large amounts of data via all available communi cation media (private and public networks, mobile wireless, Internet).

Solutions for Remote Terminal Units

RTUs constitute the outstations of telecontrol systems and monitor and control local processes. Siemens offers components for the creation of modular RTUs based on SIMATIC controllers. In addition, our portfolio includes compact RTUs for special operating conditions, for example, when no local power grid is available.

Networking solutions (Remote Networks)

Siemens offers a broad portfolio of industrial modems and
routers for connecting the RTUs to the control center.

The advantages