The Company

Automation Control System Group Co.,Ltd.

We are trader, distributor, and automation system builder company based in Bangkok, Thailand. The company officially established in 1995 and has grown at rate 20-40 percent annually with following principles

  • Honesty
  • Responding customer’s requirement with high quality service
  • Professional performing for servicing the automation systems factories
  • We constantly demand the highest quality through supply and best service performance

Company Organization

Managing Director
Mr. Prasittiporn Pisutpiboonvong
Graduated: Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Industrial Technology from King Mongkut’s Institute Technology of Ladkrabang(KMITL)

Activities& Responses

  • Automotive
  • Electronic, Mechanic, Oil and Gas Section
  • Product Training Section
  • Marketing Automation, Oil and Gas Product

1. Marketing Division
Mr. Prasittiporn Pisutpiboonvong  Contact:

Activities& Responses 

  • Marketing Section
  • Advertising Section

2. Sales Division
Mr. Nipon Rungsiyanont / Sales Manager 

Activities& Responses

  • Sales Section
  • Products Training Section

3. Financial and General Affair Division
Mrs. Pikul Oxzu  / Manager

4. Consultant Management and Account Divisions
Mr. Chartchai Sathipornpipat / Manager

Activities& Responses

  •  Importing Section
  • Inventory & Delivery Section
  • Accounting Section

Personal Dispersion

  • Sales Division: 15
  • Marketing Division: 5
  • Finance and General Affair Division: 10

Products (Authorized Distributors & Agents)

NO. Brand Description
1 ACS Switching power supply
2 AST Pressure sensor, Transducers & Transmitters
3 Astrodyne Switching power supply
4 ATI Industrial Automation
5 ATMI Level float regulation
6 C-JAC Shock absorbers
7 CONCH Electronic Timers, Counters, Proximity Switches
8 COSEL Switching power supplies, AC-DC and DC-DC converters
9 DATA TRACK Process Instrumentation and Control
10 EAO Pushbutton switches/lamps, indicator/metal keyboard
11 EUCHNER Safety Switch and Automation
12 E2S Warning Signals with ATEX Approval
13 FRASER Controlling Static Electricity
14 HARDY Load cell
15 HBC Remote crane
16 HELICAL Flexible coupling
17 HONTKO Rotary Encoder and Pulse Generators
18 JRT Pneumatic
19 Joint Box Terminal box
20 KODUCT Cable carrier and flexible
21 LEONI Cable and System for Rolling Stock
22 MACRO SENSOR LVDT Based Position Sensors and support electronics
23 Max-Air Actuator, Solenoid Valve, Rotary Positioner, Limit Switch
24 MICRO EPSILON Laser Displacement Sensors, Laser Scanner, Position sensor
25 MITSUBISHI Programmable Controller and Inverters
26 NSD Encoder industry
27 ORIENTAL MOTOR AC Gear motor, Control speed motor
28 PATLITE Signal tower, Signal light
29 PHD Pneumatic
30 ROLAND Sensor – Detection and Measurement
31 SEGI Terminal box and switch box
32 SHARP Programmable Controller, Touch Screen Panels, PLC and CCD Camera Sensors
34 SUMTAK Rotary encoder
35 SEEKA/TAKEX Photoelectric Sensors and Safety Sensors
36 SENTEC Sensor
37 SATECH Safety Fence
38 TOKYO SENSOR Safety Mat


Our customers are Japanese, American, European and Local Owner Factories. We can group as follow;

  1. Electronics Industry
  2. Automobile Industry
  3. Oil Refining Industry
  4. Cement Industry
  5. Telecommunication Industry
  6. Computer Industry
  7. Textile Industry
  8. Food Industry
  9. Die casting Industry
  10. Iron and Metal Industry
  11. Machineries
  12. Pulp and paper Industry

Services and Applications

Industrial PC Base Control

–        Industrial I/O Link to PC

–        PC and PLC Control

–        PC with RFID

–        Process Control Room

RFID Identification System

–        RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

–        Barcode

–        Reader identify vision sensors

–        CCD Camera Sensor

ANDON – Process Monitoring

–        PLC and PC Control

–        Application Software

–        Data Transferring

–        Data Display by LED TV

Application – Automation Control

–         Automation Water Gate Control

–         Conveyor System

–         Measuring System

–         Motion Control

–         Machine Modification

–         Storage and Inventory Control

–         Automation Feeding/Pick and Place

–         FA Designing and Consulting

–         ID System

–         Level Control

–         Pumping and Flow Control

–         Lighting Control

Project Reference

ลำดับ ชื่องาน บริษัทอ้างอิง Status
1 RFID in Engine Assembly Line Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed
2 Warehouse Security Gate with RFID Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed
8 Inspection System (Automobile Part) Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed
9 Modify LineON G4 (ZR Project) Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed
10 Wireless Gas Monitor Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed
11 Pokayoke Select Piston,Bearing in B S Project Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed
12 QR Data Check Software (Testbench KD) Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed
13 Cutting Tool Monitoring (Andon) Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed
14 CHECK SPARK PLUGS G2-LINE Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed
15 Keycard Store Engine Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed
16 NZ ZZ (Jig Transfer) Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed
17 Kaizen and yokoten testbench system Siam Toyota Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Completed

Operating Principles and Corporate Culture

Operating Principles

  • Striving for Excellence
  • Long-Term Operations
  • Building Profit
  • Rewarding Community

Operating Culture

  • Sincere
  • Progressive
  • Responsible
  • Harmonious

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