Automatic logging of work/repair times
Use the EKS Electronic-Key to log the service/repair time on a machine. The repair time is logged while the service technician’s Electronic-Key is placed. This provides transparency and simplifies data acquisition.

Flexible assignment of individual access rights
Flexibly assign access rights for each employee. This allows only the functions that are relevant for the current user to be shown on the machine control system’s display, for example. It provides clarity while avoiding operating errors and undesired access. The EKS also offers the option of blocking Electronic-Keys and preventing tampering with Electronic-Key data. For this purpose, the Electronic-Keys can be provided with an expiration date, for example.


Automatic assignment of loading and unloading points
Avoid time losses by assigning suitable loading and unloading points for each type of product and storing this information on the EKS Electronic-Key. For example, a pump station for a specific fluid can be switched on only with the correct EKS Electronic-Key. This prevents the supplied product from being unintentionally pumped into the wrong container.

Automatic recording of delivery quantities
Simultaneously record the delivered quantity when logging on with the EKS Electronic-Key at the loading/unloading point. This allows you to allocate the delivered quantity to the supplier immediately, reducing documentation work and simplifying automatic accounting.


Simple personalization of workplaces
Shift operation usually involves one workplace being shared by several people. Use the EKS Electronic-Key for quick and easy customization of the workplace for every employee. The required settings are read directly from the Electronic-Key, and setup takes place automatically. The settings can include various ergonomic parameters like the table height at an assembly workplace.

Simple shutdown
Block access to the machine when the employee leaves the installation to go on break or get materials, for example. All operating access is blocked automatically when the Electronic-Key is removed. Manual log-off is not necessary. The employee simply takes the Electronic-Key along. All this is possible without a keyboard.


Traceability though electronic signature
Personalized EKS Electronic-Keys help you to document procedures. Quality-related work steps or test results are personally acknowledged by the individual employee. This information is typically recorded in a database. Individual identifiers, such as the inspector number, can be transferred to the product. This increases the traceability of your procedures.


Rapid switchover of user profiles
Rapid switchover of user profiles on user interfaces accelerates your workflows. The user profile of the employee concerned is automatically adopted from his or her personal Electronic-Key at shift changes, for example. Alongside authorization changes, you can also switch the user interface language. All this is possible without a lot of typing or passwords.

Shorter setup times
Setting up a machine normally requires numerous settings. Save them on the EKS Electronic-Key. As soon as the EKS Electronic-Key has been placed, the machine reads the new process parameters and is ready to produce something else.


Conveying items
Use the EKS to restrict access to certain areas. A luggage handling access area could be protected by a roll-up door, for example. The roll-up door is raised with the aid of the EKS Electronic-Key to admit items.

Access to a protected area
Control access to sensitive areas with the EKS system. For example, access to a safety zone can be monitored and logged by the EKS.


Avoid machine failures due to incorrect operation
Incorrect manual interventions due to inattentiveness or lack of knowledge can put production at risk. Restrict access by allowing only authorized persons to perform these interventions.

Avoid accidents due to authorization groups
Adapt the access rights to the operator’s level of training: Trainees have only restricted access to machine functions, skilled workers have expanded access, and service technicians can also work in special operating modes. Use the EKS to help ensure that only trained personnel can use certain operating modes.


Protect recipes and settings against unauthorized access
A good product needs be of consistent quality. This requires protecting recipes and all quality-related values. Store these data on the Electronic-Key. Information such as the mixing ratio of ingredients or temperature settings is encoded on the Electronic-Key. The control system evaluates this information and controls the process fully automatically.

Restrict changes to quality-related settings
Some quality-related settings must not be changed by just anyone, but only by qualified specialist personnel. Store this authorization on the EKS Electronic-Key


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