Eddy Current Displacement Sensor EZ GAP®

Eddy Current Displacement Sensor EZ GAP®

EZ GAP is the eddy current displacement sensor to measure the distance to iron, stainless and aluminum.


High environmentally-resistant sensor

Sensor’s materials are used with SUS and PPS.
Clears the IP protection rating 67, and withstands the temperature of up to 105℃(Option:130℃).
Proves the sensor’s ability under the poor environment.

Easy calibration setting

The corrected points can be set from 2 to 11 points freely at your desired sensor position. As the number of corrected point increases, the linearity
errors become smaller.(linearity error :±0.15% F.S.)
The nonmagnetic metal (SUS 304, A5052) object also can be detected by the sensor.

Chart:For calibration at 5 or more points

Reducing the temperature drift

The temperature drift is less than ±0.015% F.S./℃ by the temperature drift adjustment function.

(within a range less than a half of the rated detection range)

Temperature measuring function

The temperature at the sensor head can be monitored.
This function makes soundness of the sensor check , so the products can stabilize the quality.

•State of the temperature display

Extendable up to 20m

The sensor cable can be extended up to 20 m.
It is easier to wire. Each connector is plated with gold which gives resistance to improper contact.

Improved maintenance efficiency!

It can be replaced individually even if the sensor or amplifier has a malfunction.

Touch roll is available

Touch rolls introduced in the application are available at NSD.

Fig: Measures the rubber thickness, Touch roll (manufactured by NSD)