ATI Material Removal is CRX-Ready

ATI Industrial Automation developed CRX-Ready Kits to provide FANUC cobot users with easy-to-integrate end-effector solutions that increase flexibility and productivity of collaborative robot applications. Designed for simplicity, each all-in-one CRX-Ready Kit includes the end-effector along with anything else needed to get the CRX application connected and running. ATI’s CRX-Ready Material Removal Tools feature pneumatically controlled integrated compliance that allows the cutting bit to follow the part profile and compensate for surface irregularities, part location, and robot repeatability while maintaining a constant force that can be controlled and adjusted on the fly. This allows high feed rates with uniform quality, no matter how the tool is oriented. ATI’s CRX-Ready Material Removal Tools can be used with a variety of standard industrial media such as tungsten carbide burrs, rotary abrasives, sanding discs,reciprocating files, and more. ATI’s RCV-250 Radially-Compliant Deburring Tool is ideal for removal of flash and parting lines as well as edge deburring from a variety of materials. The robust RCV-250 has integrated compliance and adjustable cutting force which simplify programming and enable a consistent finish. The CDB Compliant Deburring Blade is a motorless deburring tool for operations such as countersinking, scraping and deflashing on virtually any material. As the cutting media removes material, the compliance allows for consistent results despite variation in part size, part positioning, or robot location. The CRT-12-5 Compliant Reciprocating Tool produces a filing motion that is uniquely suited for removing burrs from corners and deep grooves. The CRT is the best option for filing and finishing of hard-to-reach areas with minimal chatter, streamlines the programming process, and ensures consistent results. The AOV-10 Axially-Compliant Orbital Sander is the ideal robotic solution for surface preparation and finishing. With options for vacuum and a curated media kit from 3M, the AOV-10 is well suited for many different robotic application types—even those that require a light touch.
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