CEM-AY-C40 Safety Switch With Guard Locking

CEM-AY-C40 Safety Switch With Guard Locking

Benefits for you

  • Safety switch with integrated mounting magnet for process protection (without guard locking monitoring)
  • Integrated CES-AY electronics
  • A special evaluation unit is not required
  • Safety category 4 and PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1 for the door position monitoring

Design and functionality

       The CEM safety switches have, in addition to the transponder, a mounting magnet for holding the guard in the locked position. It offers a series of functional and safety-related advantages, because the guard locking principle is realized by the direct action of electromagnetic force between the switch and actuator. With this type there are no longer any protruding parts and therefore no risk of injury. The devices have no insertion openings for actuators in which dust can collect.

       The anchor plate for the CEM actuator is mounted on a floating bearing and can be tilted up to an angle of +/-4°. Therefore, when a misadjusted safety door is closed, the CEM actuator automatically adjusts itself to the surface of the solenoid. Subsequent adjustment of the safety door is no longer necessary. Even with a center offset of 5 mm (anchor plate in relation to solenoid) the full locking force is achieved.