Safety Switch SGP

Safety Switch SGP

Safety switch SGP

The safety switch SGP is the counterpart to safety switch STP. The entire STP and SGP product family has the same metal actuating head and the same actuator. As a result, either the safety switches STP (with guard locking) or SGP (without guard locking) can be used in a system, depending on the requirements.

EUCHNER supplies the SGP product range with switching elements in various contact combinations (positively driven contacts / NO contacts). Dual-channel wiring to achieve the maximum possible safety level is possible with all variants. Given the particular property of the switching contacts of switching a minimum current of 1 mA, the safety switch SGP is also suitable for use on safe control systems.


  • Same drilling pattern as STP, same actuators
  • Metal actuating head for highest requirements
  • Flexible connection options using three cable entries
  • High degree of protection IP67