STP Plastic Switch With Metal Head

STP Plastic Switch With Metal Head


       Based on the plastic-encapsulated safety switch TP with guard locking, the safety switch STP features both an actuating head and an internal cam made of metal. As a result, the switch can be used for applications that require high locking forces (up to 2500 N). The safety switch STP has a switching element with 4 switching contacts. EUCHNER supplies the STP safety switch with various contact combinations (positively driven contacts / NO contacts).

       Dual-channel wiring to achieve the maximum possible safety level is possible with all possible variants. Given the particular property of the switching contacts of switching a minimum current of 1 mA, the safety switch STP is also suitable for use on safe control systems.


  • Metal actuating head suitable for highest requirements
  • Two LED displays (optional) for the visual display of the door position and the position of the solenoid
  • Flexible connection options using three cable entries
  • High degree of protection IP 67