Transponder-coded read heads
with external evaluation

CES read heads


         The read head is fastened to the fixed part of the guard and is connected to the evaluation unit via a two-core screened cable. The actuator fastened to the guard is moved towards the read head by closing the door. When the operating distance is reached, power is supplied to the actuator via the read head and the read head transfers the actuator’s data to the evaluation unit.

CEM read heads


  • With transponder coding
  • Integrated mounting magnet (without guard lock monitoring)
  • Up to Category 4 / PL e according to EN ISO 13849‑1 for monitoring the position of the guard
  • Adjustable adhesive force optional

Design and functionality

          A CES read head and a mounting magnet are integrated into the CEM read head. The CEM read head is connected to the CES evaluation unit with a round M8 plug connector. The CEM actuator of identical design also has a metal plate in addition to the transponder; this plate acts as an armature for the solenoid coil.

          When the safety door is closed, the CEM actuator enters the actuating range of the CEM read head. The transponder signals are transferred, and then the evaluation unit closes the safety contacts and sets the OUT output to High. By applying voltage to the mounting magnet for the CEM read head, strong magnetic forces are generated between the coil (in the read head) and the armature (in the actuator).

          Depending on the version, locking forces of approx. 650 N or 1,000 N are applied between the CEM actuator and the CEM read head. Practical experience has shown that these magnetic forces effectively prevent any opening, even if the user applies considerable effort.

CET-AX read heads with guard locking


  • Read head with guard locking and guard lock monitoring
  • Up to Category 4
  • High locking forces up to 6,500 N
  • Integrated transponder coding
  • Metal housing

Design and functionality

       With the read head CET-AX, EUCHNER provides monitored guard locking based on non-contact transponder technology. This means that the switch can also be used on systems with overtraveling machine movements for personnel protection.

       When closing the guard (hinged or sliding door), the spring-loaded transponder in the actuator is inserted into the recess on the read head.

       The read head detects the closed guard in its guard locked position. The CES evaluation electronics enables the safety circuit when the guard is locked.

       When the moving parts of the machine come to a standstill, the solenoid integrated into the read head can be activated by a safe standstill monitor or by a timer relay. The solenoid’s plunger then raises the spring-loaded transponder, which allows the guard to be opened.

CKS key adapter


  • Starting dangerous machine movements is not possible when the key is withdrawn
  • Suitable for the highest safety requirements: Cat. 4 / PL e
  • Every key is unique
  • High level of protection against tampering

Field evaluation unit CES-FD

Benefits for you

  • Maximum safety with Cat. 4/PLe
  • Minimal wiring effort
  • Small space requirement
  • No additional rail mounted evaluation unit required

For tight situations – the new field evaluation unit CES-FD-AP

          The new product CES-FD-AP from EUCHNER is a small and compact field evaluation unit for connecting external transponder-coded read heads CES. The system is used for monitoring guards or moving machine parts in confined areas.

Evaluation units CES-AZ

  • Monitoring outputs
  • Start button
  • Feedback loop
  • Unicode or multicode evaluation units
  • Guard lock monitoring