Emergency Stop Devices

Emergency Stop Devices ES

       As per EN ISO 13850 the emergency stop function is a function that is intended to avert an impending hazard for personnel, damage to the machine or work in progress, or to alleviate existing hazards, and that is to be triggered by a single user action.

       For this purpose controlgear is required that is equipped with a red actuator, that is the mushroom-head button in red; the button is to have a yellow background. The emergency stop function is generally only allowed to provide safety in addition to the directly acting safety functions. Directly acting safety functions are, for example, safety switches on safety doors that cause a hazard to be shut down without conscious action by the user.

Rope Pull Switch RPS


       Rope pull switches RPS are emergency stop devices for protecting large, expansive machine or installation areas that cannot be protected by an enclosing housing or cover. Areas of an installation or machine can be shut down immediately from any point in the working area in the event of danger.

  • EMERGENCY STOP device with detent mechanism according to EN ISO 13850
  • Indication of correct rope tension
  • Switching elements with 4 switching contacts